December 22, 2015

We understand the benefits of mentoring young people when we hear courageous stories of youth whose lives have been changed by someone who’s older then them, someone who’s caring, or someone who’s gone through the same path. Today’s article talks about why it’s so impo...

December 18, 2015


Have you ever wanted to be with someone who has the same goals as you? Somebody who’s willing to go above and beyond to support your dreams as much as you would for them? Or what about someone who’s just as ambitious as you are and loves to build to make it to the top...

December 13, 2015

Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly or bounce back from difficulties, stress or things in general that never seem to go right for you. 


You ask why this definition is involved? In this generation, we immune to stress very quickly, depression very quickly o...

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