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Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly or bounce back from difficulties, stress or things in general that never seem to go right for you.

You ask why this definition is involved? In this generation, we immune to stress very quickly, depression very quickly or rough times very quickly and don't know how to get out of it which can come across as a problem especially if you're pushing for a goal you've always wanted. It's okay to go through those things because everybody does, but to stay in that situation is where the problem arises. Have you ever been so focused to the point where you just have a vision, a goal, a dream you want to reach to the best of your ability? Everyone has something they want to reach, get to, strive for but with that comes perseverance and dedication. The reason Grandslammer's brings up the term "Resilience" is because it's a great way to get back into shape for what you want to do in life, a great way to start fresh and dedicate yourself to being the best you can be when it comes to your brand. A lot of the times we go through difficult things and don't know how to get out of it, don't know how to get back on our two feet and strive for greatness. A big characteristic when it comes to resilience is being confident that tough times and difficulties don't last forever. We get to this place in life where we're low and think we'll never get out but you have to tell yourself otherwise. Let yourself know that that what you're going through is temporary, once you do that you'll bounce back fairly quick. Another characteristic when it comes to being resilient is telling yourself there will be tough times, but what better way of still polishing your craft and getting it done during these times? It's not always about perfecting your craft when times are good, it's about perfecting your craft when times are bad. Once you have this instilled in you, you'll realize to bounce back quickly and understand to get it together and do your thing religiously. You ask how this relates to Grandslammers? This is a brand all about resilience, perseverance, getting yourself in motion that you'll do great in what you stand for, do great for your craft and understanding that being positive and chasing the dreams you've always wanted is apart of this brand's motion. Wearing these items will have you feeling new, empowered, and wanting to get to your craft a lot faster. What better way then to be fashion forward and motivated at the same time when you wear a brand? Check out their website and feel the motivation purchasing and wearing this brand.

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