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We understand the benefits of mentoring young people when we hear courageous stories of youth whose lives have been changed by someone who’s older then them, someone who’s caring, or someone who’s gone through the same path. Today’s article talks about why it’s so important to mentor young people especially in the generation we live in today. We must mentor youth the right way and become relatable so they can take your advice more accountably for what it already is and use it to create positive aspects. Unfortunately, in this generation it’s easy for youth to become lost and do things that’s not within their character just because of what this generation has turned into. However, there are ways we can stop that from happening and making sure that they know us as adults have their best interest and know that they can count on us to go on the right path.

1. One of the ways to mentor our youth in today’s society is being a great support system! If they’re going through something, we need to be there to help them overcome obstacles and solve problems but not only that, reminding them that they have someone to talk to and let them know how valuable they are. The younger generation wants to have the satisfaction of knowing that they can be able to talk to people about any and everything when they’re going through something, they need that.

2. Another way to mentor our youth in the right way possible is to give them that push in realizing that they can do anything they put their mind too! The youth in this generation gets so unmotivated so quickly that we must stay on top of them no matter what. Be interested in what they’re about and if they need guidance, help them get to where they need to be!

3. We need to mentor our youth by lending them perspective and letting them know we’re relatable and have gone through what they’ve gone through. Once you can do that as a mentor, they will always come to you whenever they need advice to remain positive and take that route.

The importance of mentoring are youth is very crucial especially in this day and age seeing how they’re exposed to a lot more negative routes and things that they shouldn’t be pertaining to. However, we can stop that from happening by mentoring them the right way, the positive way, and putting them on a path to understand they can make it in a great way with adults by their side.

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