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Living Without Limits

There is no doubting the fact that life can be hard; a whole host of external factors can play a part in our life and change the route we take in life. However, the biggest limit we put on ourselves is still our own mind and it will remain this way for years to come unless a change is made. We are brought up in a society that teaches us that great things are easy to achieve and that we can make it happen instantly but this isn't true. The only reward we get is through hard work and determination so how do we lift these limits?

Support - We all have friends and family around but most of us do not utilise the support that they give. In order to really reach for big goals, we need help and who better to provide this than the people closest to us? Let them push you out of your comfort zone and use their love to raise the bar and recover from failures that will come.

Research - If there are people you admire and aspire to be like, find out about their journeys and find ways in which you can do exactly the same. For example, if you aim to be a leading businessman in a particular industry, why not find out about how they did it and if possible, get in contact and learn from their experience? This is a great opportunity to gain a mentor that knows and understands the journey you are about to face and can help to steer you in the right direction.

Step Out From Your Comfort Zone - There will be times that you feel out of your depth and the reaction to this is what separates someone who achieves goals to someone who settles. The feeling of being uncomfortable needs to become natural because you will only move forward by pushing past any point you have been previously.

Keep Focused - You should have an end goal and this goal should be etched into everything you do. If you ever forget what you are trying to achieve, it becomes easy to lose direction. As long as you remember the dream at the end, it will act as your North Star all the way there.

You Will Fail - Nobody ever got to the summit without failing along the way; again, research your idol’s journey and how they failed in the process. Failure is just a part of the journey but it is how we recover that separates us; you could dwell on failure and let it drag you down OR you could learn from it and become a better person.

Motivate Yourself - Your support network will help but they can only take you so far, you need yourself to push the extra mile. You need to turn your mind from your weakness to your strength and allow you to push towards your goals rather than cower from them. Find your inspiration and let it motivate you through the tough times and into your dream life.

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