We understand the benefits of mentoring young people when we hear courageous stories of youth whose lives have been changed by someone who’s older then them, someone who’s caring, or someone who’s gone through the same path. Today’s article talks about why it’s so important to mentor young people especially in the generation we live in today. We must mentor youth the right way and become relatable so they can take your advice more accountably for what it already is and use it to create positive aspects. Unfortunately, in this generation it’s easy for youth to become lost and do things that’s not within their character just because of what this generation has turned into. However, there are w

Couples that grind together. Shine together!

Have you ever wanted to be with someone who has the same goals as you? Somebody who’s willing to go above and beyond to support your dreams as much as you would for them? Or what about someone who’s just as ambitious as you are and loves to build to make it to the top together? We all would definitely want something like that or maybe there are even some of you who have that right now. Having somebody by your side who’s ambitious and ready to work hard when it comes to each other’s goals and dreams is exactly what you need, it’s exactly what you want. Just having that significant other by your side that pushes you to do better and makes you bounce back when times get rough is one of my great


Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly or bounce back from difficulties, stress or things in general that never seem to go right for you. You ask why this definition is involved? In this generation, we immune to stress very quickly, depression very quickly or rough times very quickly and don't know how to get out of it which can come across as a problem especially if you're pushing for a goal you've always wanted. It's okay to go through those things because everybody does, but to stay in that situation is where the problem arises. Have you ever been so focused to the point where you just have a vision, a goal, a dream you want to reach to the best of your ability? Everyone has somethin

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