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Clear Dump

To step into the future that you envisage, you have to get rid of the clutter in your life, so that you can reprogram your thinking to attract your desires.

Clutters are obstacles that distract you from achieving your goals; making it difficult for you to focus on and produce results. Cluttered thinking results in confusion and frustration which gives birth to stagnation. It acts as a barrier to reaching your heights and distracts you from placing your attention on your goals. It weakens one's drive, and if not timely and adequately handled, it can lead you into a pit of depression and regrets.

However, an orderly life helps boost confidence, enhances productivity, promotes creativity, brings prosperity, and most importantly, restores peace of mind. Here are six vital tips that will keep you in the right state of mind and give you confidence as you work towards your dreams in your career path and life in general:

Clear the physical disorder around you. You constantly communicate with the things around you, so you can hardly have a clear mind when the surrounding is cluttered. Taking out time to clean up and organize your home is the first thing and most important step to give you peace of mind. Clear your refrigerator, unpack your boxes when relevant, put away your laundry, clean your bathroom and your purse etc. Apart from these areas mentioned, there are other aspects of the house that needs cleaning. If the cleaning becomes too much for you to handle, you can hire experts to help out. In most cases, you won’t spend up to $100 for a thorough home cleaning service.

Remain calm You can become stuck when your mind is cluttered. However, being stuck and being calm are two different things. Strength lies in confidence and quietness. Meditate and think more. In calmness, decide to focus on right thoughts and deliberately set your mind against wrong thinking. When your mind is calm, convert your thoughts to produce productive ideas and this will enhance your life.

Brain Dump Get rid of all your nagging thoughts – all sorts of thinking that bring worry and antsy. You get confused when you try to sort out the many thoughts in your head all at the same time. It is a great idea to organize your thoughts with the use of a journal. Set out time daily; either in the mornings or evenings, to take note of all the thought in your mind. Then go back, analyze and begin implementation, this will help you to be organized.

Pick out just three things and Focus on them. Clarity gives you a list of things and areas you need to handle to create order in your life. But you can’t attend to all these areas at once; else, you'll be kept in a confused state. To avoid confusion, just focus on three areas and put in your energy and attention wholeheartedly into them until you have achieved your desired result.

Release Yourself Free your mind of nervousness, self-destructive thoughts, and actions that are acting as barrier to your goals. When you get anxious over completing tasks, you ignorantly hinder channels from flowing in. When you are obsessed with a particular thing, you fail to recognize the numerous blessings that come to you on daily basis. Learn to keep a list of the blessings you ought to be grateful about and open up your desires to God and let him take care of them.

Be Ready When you are set for great achievements and opportunities, there is usually a level of consciousness; your expectancy level increases. Readiness comes with happiness; everything about you will tap from your happiness. When you are expectant, you will not experience sadness and depression. You will automatically move in an aura of confidence; everything about shows exudes readiness. Be ever ready for something good to happen in your favor at any time.

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