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As humans, we like to make goals for ourselves; but as humans, we also like to give up on these goals after a short period of time. Whether it is to make a change of career, stay on a diet or move house, we struggle to make the big steps in life. The biggest reason for this is fear but we don’t realise that once fear has been removed, we can make those big changes with ease. We all want to live a fearless life but how can it be done?

Make The Decision - The first and most important step is to actively make the decision to stop living in fear. It is all well and good saying it to yourself but do you believe it? The moment you have faith in yourself to remove all fear from your life, you will have the tools and right frame of mind to do so.

Correct Your Mindset - This continues on from the last point as you need to install a completely new mindset that is free from fear. Fears generally start as a tiny thought but it is our obsession over them which turns them into the big problem they can be. For this reason, it is important to stop obsessing over the small fearsome thoughts and instead turn them into positive thoughts of faith and belief.

Once you have your mindset corrected, you have the ability to do anything and this includes the complete removal of fear from your life.

Alter Your Environment - It is easy to become ‘comfortable’ with your lifestyle and surround yourself in an environment that doesn't judge nor challenge you to progress; this has to change as you need to advance every single day. The easiest way to do this is to remove anything that may present a threat to your new mindset. You need an environment that is going to support you as you progress, not try to hold you back.

Overcome Fear - The final step completes the process and means that you have conquered fear and have stopped it from playing such a huge role in your life. It is impossible to completely remove fear from your life but it is how we deal with it that makes us different. Someone who backs down and lets fear take control will struggle to achieve the life they want to live but someone who has control of their fear will be able to do whatever they wish in life.

If you remember to stop negative thoughts and fears at their source, you can then replace them with positive thoughts and faith which will have a far greater affect. So stand up today and stop giving fear permission to control your life.

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