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Having a vision is a powerful tool. It means that you are honoring your goals, aspiring towards them, and taking risks to expand your horizons. A lot of the times our vision for ourselves subtly turns into tunnel vision, where all we see is our goals and dreams and the things that we need to do to get there. Tunnel vision keeps us focused, it keeps us constantly working on what we’ve wanted for our whole entire life with passion added to it. Having this tool keeps us grounded, it constantly reassures us that we can’t waste time, but get things done to excel in our craft for life. A lot of the times we tend to get distracted easily due to the negativity that this world carries but we can’t let the world stop us from getting where we need to be. Tunnel Vision will have you understanding that getting to your dream is important, but not only that but it’s important. The only reason why goals would stop working is because the person who has set the goals, i.e. you, chose to give up on them mid-way but with Tunnel Vision, a thought of giving up wouldn’t be an option. There will be times where we will get frustrated but once we continue focusing on the dream and how far we want to go, everything will fall into place. If you have Tunnel Vision for the right reasons such as chasing your dreams, being focused and doing the best that you can to reach your goal, you’ll get there one way or another! We’re not on this earth to simply give up, but to simply focus and realize that are purpose on this earth is major, hence why doing what we love is important.


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