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Be thankful for what you have!

Reminding yourself what you have to be grateful for and recording your gratefulness each day helps to cement how thankful you are. It doesn't matter how difficult your life is at the moment, there is always something to be thankful for, some shining light of gratitude. Finding that will help you deal with the other parts of life. People who are thankful for the things in their lives aren't living an easier life than you. In fact, many of the people who practicing the most gratitude are the people who have had incredibly difficult things happen to them, because they understand that it isn't the situation that's the problem, it's how you think about the situation that makes it easier or more difficult. Being thankful is actually something that can greatly help make you healthy and keep you healthy. However, it does help to give thankfulness a boost by cultivating a healthy life-style for yourself by getting enough sleep, drinking water, and eating in a way that fosters your well-being. Being thankful isn't just about telling people you are thankful, it's also about giving back to your community and to your friends. This doesn't mean that you give back so that everything is even and no one "owes" anyone anything. That isn't how gratitude and thankfulness work. Sometimes it can be really hard to be thankful in your life. Things like having a significant other break up with you, or make you angry, or when you really dislike your job. These are the times, however, when it is even more important to cultivate gratitude, because that will help you get through the hard times better than getting angry or upset will. Always remind yourself when being thankful, continue to work hard on everything that you’ve ever wanted to endure in life and stay positive knowing that you will get to where you need to be!

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